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New Traps are out!

The Square Trap NOW has a name: Zoack!


Here are the names of the other Season 2 Traps:

Pythantus – A long, snake-like Trap.



Tripod Epsilon: A Pyramid-shaped Trap.



Scorpion: Duhhhh.  It looks like a legless Reaper…LOL



Carlsnaut: A capsule-shaped Trap.


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Bakugan Traps have been trapped!

Had to post this!  Shot it with my cell cam. I will get cleaner pix by this evening!

The traps are in stock!

Here is the Darkus Trap.  It has an Aquos Symbol on its side.

Darkus Trap (closed)
Darkus Trap (closed)


I also snarfed some Spins and some two-headed Preyas IIs!  Oh yes, they are mine (until I put them in the store and you buy them).

Eric (you know who you are):

Don’t ever doubt me. If I say I have seen it, I have seen it. If I say I will get it, I will get it. If it’s on my site, then it’s in my possession. Now get your money out and buy something…LOL…


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